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Full stack software developer that specializes in building custom web applications using Ruby and Javascript.

Moving to Octopress From Wordpress

Blogging, Jekyll, Octopress

After years of using Wordpress as my blogging platform I’ve decided to move to Octopress. While there was not necessarily anything wrong with using Wordpress for my blog, I think it was time to move on. Octopress is a blogging framework that is built around the Jekyll.rb project that generates static html sites.

Here’s why I switched:

  • It’s Ruby! – Since I spent most of my time coding in Ruby it only made sense to move to a Ruby based blogging platform.
  • Focus On Content – I found on my old Wordpress blog, I spent a lot of time configuring my theme and worrying about all the other pages of the site. I decided to concentrate on blog posts. The new setup has the content at the forefront.
  • Free Hosting – Octopress is built on top of Jekyll.rb which powers Github Pages. Github Pages hosting is free. Can’t beat that.
  • Easy Publishing – Creating and publishing a blog post is as easy as creating a Markdown file, writing my content and then simply running rake deploy
  • Site Speed – Octopress sites are just static html. No databases to load. Much faster.
  • No More DB Backups – Since I’m deploying the site with Github Pages, I don’t need to worry about backing up the content in the database. The entire thing is in version control with Git.
  • Awesome Tech – I get to use SASS and Markdown.
  • Easy Comments – Setting up commenting was as easy as adding my Disqus short name to the config.yml file.
  • Quick Code Snippets – Octopress includes a code block plugin that includes language specific syntax highlighting.

My hope is that with all of this combined, I’ll write more. I really do enjoy writing about tech topics as I think it helps me solidify my knowledge and hopefully others will find the content useful.