Adam Scott

Software Developer

Full stack software developer that specializes in building custom web applications using Ruby and Javascript.


I am a full-stack developer that specializes in working on custom web applications built with Ruby on Rails. I’m comfortable doing everything from managing a database, to styling a page with CSS, to writing heavy Javascript, to writing Rspec tests. I care about the quality of my code, the user experience and how my choices impact the business side of things. I’ve built a few mobile applications with the Phonegap platform that are in the iOS and Android stores.

I love helping other people learn to code. I spent several months teaching and mentoring future developers at the Nashville Software School, a bootcamp style program. I continue to help out as much as possible.

When I’m not coding I love spending time with my wife Samantha, traveling as much as possible, collecting records, homebrewing and crafting cocktails. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter.